Is Dr. Simeons Weightloss System Sustainable?

After achieving successful weightloss with Dr. Simeons protocol and seeing for myself, so many of the other success stories, and sometimes failures, I’ve come to realize some of the not so obvious details about Dr. Simeons Manuscript.

One of these, is that in the later part of  Dr. Simeons manuscript, many of his concepts, encompass a ‘Low Glycemic Lifestyle’. The amazing thing about this, is that he was discussing ‘Low Glycemic’ concepts long before that term even existed. In Phase III of the protocol when he delineates his ‘Lifetime’ eating goals, this becomes very apparent.

Let’s Take A Look At Nature To Learn About Sustaining Weightloss

Observe animals in their natural habitat. Is there even one example of any other animal besides human beings that have a problem with being overweight or even more ridiculous obese?

The answer is an obvious and resounding…..of course not. All other animals besides humans follow what their bodies tell them to eat. They eat when they are hungry and they stop when they are full. A very large number of humans eat for many other reasons other than hunger. I for one was raised by ‘Depression Era’ parents. This meant that both of my parents grew up in the Depression of the 1920’s and suffered greatly. This included not having enough food and missing meals, to mention just a couple of the issues that were caused by growing up in this troubled era. The result of this for myself and my siblings was that a big part of how my parents expressed love was through food.

When food Is Love, The Seeds Of Unhealthy Eating Are Being Sewed

While I was growing up the refrigerator was always bursting over with food. All meals at home were a marathon, containing enough food for 3 times as many people as were in my family. Everybody ate as it if it were our last meal. There was never any dinner plate that wasn’t completely empty by the end of the meal. After all “Children are starving in China“. And “Finish your dinner and then you can have a nice Dessert”.

So What To Do?

I am no longer a child, of course, but it is only now that I understand that I kept many of these neurotic eating habits all of my life till now, without even understanding why I ate so much all the time, and always finished what was on my plate.

to be continued…….

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