Weight Loss HCG Drops: The Homeopathic Alternative

Healthy eating and exercise, if done consistently, can help anyone lose weight significantly. However, it can only help you up to a certain point. In fact, these alone are rarely enough in shredding off stubborn fats. For this, you will need an effective formula that aims to improve your body’s metabolism and fat burning functions. If you’re looking for a weight loss system that can help you shred those fats, National Homeopathic’s HCG drops are the same you can buy in stores and might just be what you need. Our product is more beneficial than the HCG drops bought in stores by cost/value ratio.

Losing Weight with HCG Alternative Drops

The advanced weight support HCG Alternative Drops is a specifically designed weight loss formula that is suggested for use during the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) phase of Dr. Simeon’s weight loss program. The HCG alternative drops are a substitute for HCG, made so that your body can use it in a similar way. As a result, your body’s metabolism will immensely improve and more body fat will be burned.

National Homeopathic’s formula is professionally manufactured in an FDA-certified laboratory. This product also contains African Mango, an ingredient that has made a significant difference for customers. Clinical trials revealed better levels of body fat, weight, waist circumference, cholesterol, glucose, and leptin levels.

HCG Alternative Pellets

To make the weight loss process efficient, customers may also consider taking the advanced homeopathic weight support HCG alternative pellets. Like pellets, it is also advisable to use it while you’re in the VLCD phase. It also does not focus on weight loss alone, but it also aims to reset your metabolism to enhance your health.

And remember, our products are the same HCG drops which you can buy in stores or pharmacies, yet delivered right to you and the price is better.


Dr. Simeons

As a result of his studies, Dr. Simeons discovered that by taking a daily, low dose of HCG (125mg), in combination with an individually customized, high protein, ultra-low calorie (500 cal/day) diet, resulted in the patient losing more fat tissue directly from adipose tissue accumulations, causing visible contouring of the body and weight loss.

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