Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is produced during pregnancy. It has been widely used over the years to treat infertility in women. The idea of using it for weight loss was introduced during the 1950’s. Proponents say that it is an effective weight loss treatment for both men and women. If the diet plan is properly followed, it will result to rapid weight loss. Here are some of the things you need to know on how to start HCG diet.

What Should I Know Before Starting the HCG Diet?

  1. Establish your decision to use HCG for weight loss before learning how to start HCG diet.
  2. HCG comes in different forms. There are pills, drops, and shots.
  3. Doctors recommend drops because it is said to be the most effective.

What Things Must I Know About At the Start of HCG Diet?

This first phase is important to know when you want to learn how to start HCG diet:

  1. The first phase involves “loading” properly.
  2. Keep in mind not to begin the “loading” process if you haven’t really started with the diet plan
  3. During the first two days, you have to go on a high-calorie diet, complete with high fat and sugar contents. Binge on ice cream, cookies, and other sweets.
  4. You are expected to gain at least 5 pounds during this “loading” process.
  5. This is a critical part because if you do not “load” properly, the diet will not be successful.

Second Phase: Starting the HCG Diet

  1. The second phase begins on day 3. This is when you begin with your strict 500-calorie intake.
  2. Drink plenty on water during this phase to aid in flushing out toxins from your body.
  3. Failure to properly dehydrate might result in headaches because the body begins releasing stored fats and harmful toxins.
  4. During the 4th to the 7th days, expect to feel hungry, but your body gets used to it by the time you are on your 8th day. This is the time when your body begins to adjust and appetite is suppressed.

What else must I keep in mind on how to start HCG diet?

  1. Limiting calorie-intake might be difficult. Suggested foods are: tea or coffee for breakfast without sugar; lunch can be lean meat or fish, grilled or smoked, vegetables, toast (whole wheat), and fresh fruit juice; dinner can be a variation of those that you had for lunch.
  2. Stay away from heavy dressings like mayonnaise and heavy cream.
  3. Drinks are limited to water. Coffee and tea are acceptable but without sugar.
  4. Do not take HCG along with other drugs; hence, consultation with your doctor is important.
  5. An apple day will help.
  6. The application of lipstick is not allowed due to its high fat contents.

It is important that you are well prepped up. Learning how to start HCG diet is important so as to achieve a successful weight loss plan. This is a strict diet plan and you have to make sure that you follow the reminders to the letter

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