Homeopathy promotes a total holistic approach towards one’s health and is also known to have long term benefits. If one includes homeopathy treatment with the right diet, they can achieve the desired result. Be it losing weight, maintaining healthy weight or remaining fit, homeopathy and good diet plan will help you achieve all of it. Homeopathic HCG drops diet helps you in reducing cholesterol levels and reduce body fat.

Do Homeopathic HCG drops suit all the people?

If you are planning to lose weight with Homeopathy, you should always seek a doctor’s prescription before going over the counter to ask for the drops. This is so because different body condition needs different concentration of HCG drops. Some might need it in higher concentration, some low and some don’t even need it. It is always advised to ask your doctor before self-medicating.

What else can be done to increase the efficiency of my diet?

Apart from taking HCG drops and diet, one should exercise regularly to help facilitate the effect of the medicine and the diet faster. Exercises like yoga, aerobics and cardio helps in being fit. However, people with heart conditions and other respiratory conditions should always have a word with their doctor before proceeding to begin their exercise.

Some diet plan tips for people taking HCG drops

The diet is usually broken down into 3 phases:

First phase: In this phase, one is taught how to consume HCG drops and it lasts for two days. In these days, one can eat whatever their heart desires. The only condition is to be religious in taking HCG drops and drink at least half to one gallon of water per day.

Second phase: In this phase, you are supposed to continue the same system except that you are supposed to drink one gallon of water every day. Make sure you are having food which doesn’t disturb your other diet such as diabetes or other heart condition.

Third phase: In this phase you will start noticing the change in your body and you will start losing weight.

Your diet can include:

  • Proteins such as White fish, shrimp, chicken, lobster, etc
  • Vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, mixed greens, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.
  • Fruits such as orange, apple, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and grapefruit.
  • You can also consume herbal tea and coffee.

National homeopathic provides you with genuine homeopathic products to help you relieve your ailments. Try homeopathic HCG drops with your diet to see beneficial results!

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