HCG is a hormone that is produced naturally in the human body. It has varying functions and is currently used medically to treat a range of conditions. It is commonly referred to as “the pregnancy hormone”. HCG is what allows a woman’s body to metabolize fat and convert it to needed energy for both she and her fetus. This acts as an assured natural bodily function when an immediate need for energy is present. In regard to its use for losing weight, a minimal amount of HCG is used to stimulate, and benefit from, this same mechanism. By using HCG in this manner it won’t simulate pregnancy and can confidently and safely be used by women and men alike.

Additionally, homeopathic HCG has also been used for:

Increasing energy

Increasing muscle tone

Reducing excess body fat

Rejuvenation of necessary structural fat

Lowering cholesterol levels

Improving adrenal gland function

Maintaining progesterone levels

Lots of HCG users are calling it a weight loss “Cure” rather than just another weight loss method because after finishing the program and losing the weight, it resets your body to use stored fat for energy when it detects calorie reduction for a period of time. It then helps you optimally maintain your weight and efficiently keep off the pounds and inches you’ve shed.
Sure, you can lose weight by consuming fewer calories and fat, but because the body retains fat when deprived of calories, you’re more apt to lose muscle and bone before losing fat. This will cause your cellular metabolism to slow, and eventually make adding weight easier, in addition to decreasing bone density and muscle mass. When using HCG with a low calorie diet, stored fat is used for energy and the other sources from muscle and bone are eliminated; hence a low calorie diet is necessary in preventing automatic restoration of emptied fat cells. Your benefit is in desirably using and reducing excess fat and not using bone and muscle as a reserve energy source. HCG makes you lose weight quickly and keep it off!
There are four common forms of HCG, IU Injections, Sublingual Drops, Homeopathic Sublingual Drops and Homeopathic HCG Pellets. Sublingual means the drops or pellets are placed and absorbed under the tongue, thereby providing a much more comfortable delivery method than injection. recommends and provides Homeopathic Sublingual Drops and Homeopathic HCG Pellets. Homeopathic Sublingual Drops and Pellets are greatly preferred by many doctors and clients alike for their practical ease of use. They’re easy to take, don’t need refrigeration and best of all, there aren’t any IU’s to measure since Homeopathic HCG is mixed with alcohol and water.
It’s true that under normal conditions when reducing calories and fat, our bodies automatically store fat and the metabolic rate slows down. This occurs because fat is actually a source of reserve energy. If a bare minimal calorie diet is followed in conjunction with HCG, the HCG hormone alerts the body to use its excess fat for energy, and thereby reduces the stored fat reserves. This is a natural process, and no adverse effects on your metabolism will result. HCG prevents the body from going into that automatic starvation mode and storing fat as it resets your metabolic rate.
Mild hunger is normal for the first few days. That will subside by the second week and your food servings will then be satisfying. As HCG stimulates fat utilization and causes it to be accessed by your body as an energy source, it will naturally reduce your appetite. Although you are reducing your caloric intake, your body is now accessing the stored energy in its fat cells. We’ve found that drinking lots of green tea all day (like the cold fruity sweet ones sweetened with Stevia) helps a lot as a natural appetite suppressant and keeps your energy level up. Most people have lots of energy and feel pretty good while on this regimen.
The simple answer is a resounding NO. This program requires diligent adherence to the regimen. You should never skip any of your meals. It’s imperative to accomplish your 500 calorie intake every day. Your protein intake is also as vital so that your body only relies on fat for energy and not muscle or bone.
Yes, that’s ok. Actually, you may continue the drops for as long as 40 days. After 40 days however you must stop for as many days as you were on the drops prior to starting another session. That’s to ensure your body won’t develop a tolerance and immunity to the HCG. Twenty days is the minimum amount of days and 40 is the maximum that you can take the drops. Keep in mind that during the last 3 days of the regimen you take no drops and continue the 500 calorie diet for those 3 days until the HCG is flushed from your body. You then start the maintenance part of the diet. At this point exercise is advised as you begin maintenance and return to a 1500-1700 calorie per day diet.
HCG doesn’t interact with any medications. That includes birth control pills and Depo-Provera, consequently there aren’t any side effects.
Originally the HCG diet protocol by Dr. Simeon didn’t mention or consider alcohol. Historically those who do drink and those who may even be borderline alcoholics have had success with the HCG diet. By following the regimen as instructed the HCG diet itself will interrupt their drinking habits. Some of these users even acknowledged that they didn’t even feel like drinking while on the program since HCG affects the hypothalamus gland which, in part, controls the emotional, eating and drinking section of the brain.
30 drops per day = 125 IU per day
36 drops per day = 150 IU per day
42 drops per day = 175 IU per day
48 drops per day = 200 IU per day
Should you miss taking a dose, take it as soon as you realize it. If you’re still hungry, go to the next level of drops on the above “drops per day” chart until your appetite is suppressed. For example, if 30 drops per day don’t work, increase to 36 and so on until hunger is alleviated.
HCG is naturally found in all the human tissue of all males and females alike. It’s therefore safe for all to use. Men actually get faster results and on average lose more weight than women do.
Depending on each individual’s need, the majority of people on HCG may lose 26 pounds on the 26 day program. Commonly, people have lost 7-14 lbs. during the first week. A 12 pound weight loss must be the minimal desired goal to use this 26 day program therefore you must have at least that much excess weight to lose since you will lose at least that much weight!
Since the amount of HCG is so relatively low, there won’t be any changes to your menstrual cycle. Similarly, HCG won’t affect your ability to become pregnant, and also neither increases your odds of getting pregnant. It’s best to begin the HCG program while not in your menstrual cycle or if it will be starting within 5-6 days. Once you’ve already started with the HCG and your menstrual cycle begins you may continue to take the HCG.

The hypothalamus is a small structure within the brain that plays a key role in controlling our “Autonomous Nervous System” or simply, the systems in our bodies that work automatically. Regulating the homeostatic metabolic processes in our bodies is part of its function. Other “homeostatic processes” include; eating, thirst, sleeping, body temperature, blood pressure, and electrolyte balance. The hypothalamus is at the center or “core” of the brain under the thalamus, and is, in terms of the evolution of the brain, one of the oldest parts of the brain. In Dr. Carl Sagan’s “The Dragons of Eden” he speculated it’s also where our most ancient instinctive emotions such as “fear of the dark” are harbored. Although more complex today in humans, it is in fact still very much the same as what has existed in all birds, reptiles and mammals throughout evolutionary history.

To sum up, the hypothalamus influences and in part, determines your metabolic rate level or set point. As we age, our hypothalamus progressively accumulates toxins, causing it to malfunction. This is partially the reason why our metabolism slows down as we age causing hormonal/ovulatory disruptions and other “aging” symptoms such as difficulty sleeping throughout the night.

The Hypothalamus controls;

Pituitary gland regulation, Blood Pressure regulation, Hunger & Salt cravings, Feeding Reflexes, Thirst, Body temperature regulation, Hydration, Heart rate, Bladder function (HCG can remedy prostate problems), Water preservation, Hormonal/neurotransmitter regulation, Ovarian function, Testicular function, Mood & behavioral functions, Wakefulness, Metabolism, Sleep cycles and Energy levels.

Vitamin supplements aren’t specifically called for, but some people find that taking a B12 supplement is helpful. You may find that this will increase your energy and stave off leg cramps which a few people have complained about. Potassium may also be beneficial, especially for any muscle cramps.
Yes, some people use them for snacks and others as breakfast, but not with their other meals. In other words, two fruits with one meal are not permitted. You can eat two fruits each day.
HCG catalyzes fat utilization (burning) in the body only when there’s a meaningful decrease in calories and fat. That’s why it must be combined with a specifically low calorie, low fat diet consisting of all the right foods to trigger HCG in ridding body fat and ensuring permanent weight loss.
This natural HCG is directly extracted from women’s placentas. Our HCG is manufactured in the U.S.A., registered with the FDA and following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) for public safety. All ingredients are solely from the U.S.A.
Only a very minimal level or better yet, no exercise at all. If you over exercise, which during this very low calorie program is easy to do, you’ll soon be craving food and will want to quit. In addition, by entering into starvation mode and initiating fat retention, you’ll lose less weight. Keep in mind that your calorie intake during this program isn’t high enough for very much exercising. Twenty minutes of walking each day and maybe a few sit ups or pushups if you are compelled to is just about the maximum this low calorie program will allow your body. Remember, you’re not losing muscle, only fat. When you resume your workout routine, you’ll pick up right where you left off except you’ll be thinner and lighter!
Since HCG is very sensitive to lotions, creams, moisturizers, fats and liquid makeups with oil, none of these should be used during the diet. They may very well slow the weight loss process down. You figuratively don’t want to “distract” the HCG from targeting your stored body fat. Mineral makeup, pressed powders and oil free foundations are acceptable as are eye makeups and lipstick. Also avoid lip gloss and chapstick. Use Carmex for dry and chapped lips. Mineral oil (baby oil) if needed is also effective as a moisturizer. Alba produces an oil free moisturizer that is superior for your face, hands and arms.
A few people might get minor headaches during the first week. The cause is that your body is burning fat cells at a very rapid pace and you are, in fact, experiencing a significant detox. Aspirin or Tylenol provided it’s not sugar coated is effective.
Often there’s a big weight loss during the first two weeks and then it levels off. This doesn’t mean that the weight loss has stopped. What typically is happening is that inches are being lost continuously during the program and after a varying period of time, participants will realize another significant drop in weight. Significant weight and size reduction is thereby accomplished in this progressive step manner.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary