If you have any medical questions about our weight reduction program we explicitly suggest that you immediately contact your licensed medical practitioner/provider before starting this or any weight loss program.

Be advised that the owners and operators of this website are not licensed medical doctors. We do not tender, offer and/or provide any type of medical advice, services, opinions and/or referrals whatsoever.

What we are offering is nutritional support for the Weight Loss Program created by Dr. Simeons.

Homeopathic remedies are designed to work as an adjunct, alternative and support to standard medical therapies and practices. Our homeopathic remedies are not meant as a replacement for standard medical therapies and practices. Many patients do not go to doctors until they are in a crisis stage. Homeopathy might be too slow in working. We usually suggest that the patient use the remedies for two to four weeks if the condition allows.

If symptoms persist after using our homeopathic remedies for two to four weeks, consult a medical doctor immediately. If pregnant or lactating please consult your physician before starting this homeopathic program.

In conclusion, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) has been approved by the FDA, but has not been evaluated for weight loss. Individual results will vary, and will be dependent on several factors, including the proper use of the weight loss plan.

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