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We, at National Homeopathic are dedicated to helping you accomplish your HCG weight loss goals, by providing you with hcg alternative drops and pellets and by making available the finest HCG diet supplements and free reference materials.

“The HCG diet, in my opinion, is the best kept secret in weight loss and is only now starting to gain in popularity due to the recent development of homeopathic HCG alternative drops and pellets; making it more available to the masses, now that it doesn’t have to be administered by injection anymore.

Like many of you, I tried countless times in the past to control my weight, but as I got older I found that no matter what I did, at best I could only achieve very modest successes at taking off weight, only to have the weight come back to where I started or even heavier, over and over again.

When I was younger I weighed 180 lbs. for many years, regardless of how much I ate. By following Dr. Simeons HCG diet Manuscript “Pounds and Inches, A New Approach to Obesity”, I experienced results that were no less than astounding.

As your diet progresses, you will feel and look great and weigh what you’re supposed to weigh, be able to eat plenty of different types of great foods and not have to count calories or battle with your metabolism ever again.

That is why I have established National Homeopathic to help people get more awareness of Dr. Simeons method and provide access to HCG supplements and other products to help you on your way to your dreams and well-being.”

Jan Beckerman, founder of National Homeopathic

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